Woking team host free Cardiac Screening Event

Cardiac Screening at Salesian School in Chertsey

The team involved with Cardiac Screening at Salesian School in Chertsey

CRY LogoOver the weekend of 27-28th April the team held a free cardiac (heart) screening event for young people between the ages of 14-35. The event took place at Salesian School in Chertsey and was attended by students of local schools and sports clubs.

Team leader Simon Ramm says:

“It is a sad fact that every week in the UK, 12 young people lose their lives as a result of sudden cardiac death. Often there are no symptoms and yet there is a simple way to diagnose most cardiac abnormalities – by having an ECG test”

In conjunction with the highly renowned national charity ‘Cardiac Risk in the Young’ (who screened the UK’s national Olympics team), over 200 young people received an ECG (Electrocardiogram) test to check for any cardiac abnormalities. Where relevant, an Echocardiogram (Ultrasound) test was also performed to provide further analysis of the heart. The £7,000 cost of the event was covered by the Woking team via a funding grant that was awarded as a result of their involvement and support in a screening research project.

Student being cardiac screened

Student being cardiac screened

During the screening event, 4 young people were identified as having a cardiac abnormality which required a referral for further testing.

First Responder Glyn Willoughby says:

“We’d like to pass on our thanks to everyone involved in making this event possible; Especially Peter O’Brien from Salesian School who very quickly became an instrumental member of the organising committee”.



CS07 The team are aiming to provide further screening events in the local area. If you are able to support this ongoing project, please contact info@woking-responders.co.uk

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