Woking team host second visit from Belarusian children

The Woking branch of the charity ‘Friends of Chernobyl’s Children’ aims to relieve the suffering of the children of Belarus who are still affected by the fallout from the radiation following the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl in 1986. These children are now second generation but are still affected – with many living impoverished lives.

The charity brings groups of children over to the UK for one month every year where they are hosted by local Woking families who provide them with board and lodging as well as general love and care. They have access to doctors and dentists, attend local schools and participate in fun days out and activities.

In June, the children visited members of the Woking CFR team at the MacDonald Stewart Canadian Pavilion in Bisley, where they enjoyed a visit from an ambulance and soldiers from the Canadian Army. The Woking CFR team would like to thank everyone at the MacDonald Stewart Canadian Pavilion for hosting the event (and for again making lovely cakes!) and Surrey Ambulance Service for entertaining the children so well.

FOCC 2014 Visit

For more information about FOCC, please visit: http://www.woking-focc.org.uk/

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